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The Oracle Awards

As a special highlight, we have introduced two distinct awards to be presented at the event, honoring two exceptional participants. One award will acknowledge the individual who has offered the most valuable suggestions to their colleagues. While the other award will celebrate a participant who has demonstrated outstanding listening skills.

This brief session will unveil the details of these awards and the criteria for selection. To keep an element of surprise, we will not reveal them just yet. What we can reveal, however, is that you, the participants, will have the opportunity to choose the deserving winners!


27 February 2024


9:50 am - 10:00 am


  • Hazel Jackson
    Hazel Jackson
    Speaker, CEO, Facilitator
    Biz Group

    Hazel, a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar Biz Group, specializes in expertly facilitating high-level events and team engagements. Since starting the company in 1993 with a modest $700, she has led it to become a regional leader in corporate training and innovative learning solutions, including a pioneering Virtual Reality Leadership Lab. Renowned for her exceptional facilitation skills, Hazel is adept at leading conferences and transforming team dynamics. She excels in integrating new CEOs into teams, swiftly transitioning them from newcomers to integral members, and is skilled in converting dysfunctional groups into high-performing teams. Her tailored interventions are designed to captivate and engage diverse professional audiences, ensuring events are purpose-driven, well-timed, and align with strategic objectives. Beyond facilitating events, Hazel, as CEO, also focuses on expanding partnerships and alliances. A voracious reader, she stays ahead in her field by attending global leadership conferences and is frequently consulted for her insights in the learning industry by local media.

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