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Striking the Right Balance: Strategies for Work-Life Harmony

Amidst the profound changes brought on by the post-Covid era, a significant transformation in how individuals engage with their work environments has emerged. We are observing a trend toward extended working hours, with people increasingly available around the clock. Simultaneously, there’s a growing yearning for personal autonomy, all taking place within the context of employees seeking a healthy equilibrium between office-based and remote work.


In this session, we will introduce a practical tool tailored to empower both individual employees and employers in navigating this evolving equilibrium. While it’s easy to discuss the importance of Work-Life Balance, the real challenge lies in actively cultivating it. This session will guide you in the discovery of practical strategies to achieve that balance.


28 February 2024


12:10 pm - 12:55 pm


  • Annika Månsson
    Annika Månsson
    Founder & CEO
    Happy At Work

    Annika Månsson created Happy at Work in 2008 with the aim of developing healthier and happier workplaces around the world. Expert in positive organizational transformation, leadership development, resilience and wellbeing at work, she inspires teams and individuals through her keynotes, trainings and coaching in companies like Novartis, Richemont, E&Y, FIBA, JP Morgan, UNICEF, GSK and many others around the world. Annika holds a Master’s degree in marketing and worked for 15 years at the Danone group, where she held a range of managerial positions for the Evian brand, in the areas of marketing and communication. She is also a qualified coach and certified practitioner in MBTI®, Belbin®, NLP, Prosci change management, self-compassion meditation and neuroleadership. Originally from Sweden, Annika claims that wellbeing at work is not a luxury! It is essential to our success and to the sustainable performance of all organizations.

  • Geneviève Leclerc
    Geneviève Leclerc
    Co-founder and CEO

    Geneviève has over 25 years of global experience in congress management and strategic consultancy for associations and destinations. She works as a content curator, facilitator, speaker and trainer with the association meetings and business tourism industry and is specialized in sustainability and social impact practices. Geneviève is passionate about applying design thinking practices to accompany organizations through innovation. She has founded her current organization, #MEET4IMPACT, in 2019 with the vision of transforming the business tourism industry by generating a movement to create positive societal impact with its actors and their events. #MEET4IMPACT trains professionals and supports DMOs and their association clients in defining, managing, measuring and communicating the societal impacts of their activities. Geneviève has developed an “impact masterclass” for the industry and has co-created the “BE Impactful Framework”, which offers a systematic process for measuring the positive impacts of events. She is also an association executive, acting as Managing Director of the International Society of Limnology since 2018. When not at work, Geneviève is enjoying the great outdoors, sharing happy meals with friends or sailing the seas.

  • Mike van der Vijver
    Mike van der Vijver
    Conference Facilitator

    Mike van der Vijver is a Meeting Designer, Moderator and Facilitator, as well as an Advisor, Trainer and Coach in Intercultural Management. Since 2003, he has operated as a free-lance designer of international meetings for a wide variety of international clients through MindMeeting, the company he co-founded with Eric de Groot. MindMeeting specialises in the design of effective meeting programmes for international organisations. He provides advice on programmes and formats, and designs sessions and full conference programmes. In connection with his design works, Mike presents, moderates and facilitates on average about 40-45 meetings a year. He is also a regular speaker at international gatherings on topics such as meeting effectiveness, innovative meeting formats, and especially Meeting Design. In addition to his work on meetings, he advises on intercultural management, ensuring the effectiveness of organisations and individuals in the international business environment. Mike is a native of the Netherlands; he also works from a second home base in Taiwan. Mike is the co-author of Into the Heart of Meetings, the first book on Meeting Design, published in January 2013. He has also published a variety of articles and book chapters on intercultural management. Late 202, Eric and Mike’s second book saw the light: Meetings by Default or by Design.

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