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Society’s Shapers: Associations Leaving a Lasting Economic Legacy

Associations’ purpose extends far beyond the immediate interests of your members; they play a pivotal role in serving the greater good. For association leaders, comprehending the comprehensive societal and economic value you generate is essential to make a widespread impact that reaches beyond your membership.

This understanding empowers you to effectively convey your influence on a diverse range of stakeholders.

Join this session to discover how your association can gain a clearer understanding of its societal and economic impact and learn effective communication strategies. We will delve into the distinctions and intersections of four key concepts frequently discussed in recent times: mission, legacy, impact, and value.


27 February 2024


11:55 am - 12:40 am


  • Hazel Jackson
    Hazel Jackson
    Speaker, CEO, Facilitator
    Biz Group

    Hazel, a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar Biz Group, specializes in expertly facilitating high-level events and team engagements. Since starting the company in 1993 with a modest $700, she has led it to become a regional leader in corporate training and innovative learning solutions, including a pioneering Virtual Reality Leadership Lab. Renowned for her exceptional facilitation skills, Hazel is adept at leading conferences and transforming team dynamics. She excels in integrating new CEOs into teams, swiftly transitioning them from newcomers to integral members, and is skilled in converting dysfunctional groups into high-performing teams. Her tailored interventions are designed to captivate and engage diverse professional audiences, ensuring events are purpose-driven, well-timed, and align with strategic objectives. Beyond facilitating events, Hazel, as CEO, also focuses on expanding partnerships and alliances. A voracious reader, she stays ahead in her field by attending global leadership conferences and is frequently consulted for her insights in the learning industry by local media.

  • Jasmina Locke
    Jasmina Locke
    CEO & Academic Head
    SEE Institute

    Dr. Jasmina Locke, the CEO of SEE Institute is a UAE-based business and education leader, strategist, and public speaker, with over eighteen years of academic and corporate experience, spanning national capacity building, sustainability leadership, and destination development initiatives. She brings extensive project management expertise and a proven track record in driving research projects, education initiatives, and consulting mandates with several UAE government departments and international organizations. Published author with a Ph.D. in Sustainable Economic Development.

  • Martin Sirk
    Martin Sirk
    Sirk Serendipity

    Martin Sirk founded the strategic consultancy Sirk Serendipity in 2019. His areas of expertise and interest include meeting design, association strategy and development, social and economic impact of meetings, destination marketing, networking theory, and the future evolution of the meetings industry. He is a frequent media commentator, event designer and moderator on these topics. Major clients include Global Association Hubs Partnership, (advising Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington DC how to assist international associations in achieving their strategic goals), tech start-ups and international associations and meetings industry companies including IMEX, Destinations International, International Association for the Study of Pain, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, SITE, UFI, and AI-driven interpretation company Wordly. From 2002 to 2018, Martin was CEO of ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association. Prior to that he held senior positions with Hilton International and the British Tourist Authority, working and organising meetings in all regions of the world.

  • Vicky Koffa
    Vicky Koffa
    Deputy Director

    A seasoned journalist, Vicky has built her expertise in the domains of association management and the meetings industry for the last eight years. She joined Boardroom as Senior Journalist and, as of 2024, she has also become part of the Boardroom management team as Deputy Director. Boardroom is a publication specialized in topics of interest to international associations who seek to evolve their organization and stay up to date with the global market.

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