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Peer-to-Peer Sharing

Following every conference, participants consistently express their desire for more opportunities to engage with their peers. They want to discuss their experiences, tackle shared challenges, and share success stories. At DAC’24, we are addressing this head-on.


Our initial peer-to-peer exchange is designed with a minimum of seven themed sub-sessions. Participants have the freedom to choose the theme most relevant to them. In small groups, you will receive two thought-provoking questions for each theme. The goal is to facilitate mutual learning and identify what each participant hopes to gain from the event.


27 February 2024


10:00 am - 10:40 am


  • Mike van der Vijver
    Mike van der Vijver
    Conference Facilitator

    Mike van der Vijver is a Meeting Designer, Moderator and Facilitator, as well as an Advisor, Trainer and Coach in Intercultural Management. Since 2003, he has operated as a free-lance designer of international meetings for a wide variety of international clients through MindMeeting, the company he co-founded with Eric de Groot. MindMeeting specialises in the design of effective meeting programmes for international organisations. He provides advice on programmes and formats, and designs sessions and full conference programmes. In connection with his design works, Mike presents, moderates and facilitates on average about 40-45 meetings a year. He is also a regular speaker at international gatherings on topics such as meeting effectiveness, innovative meeting formats, and especially Meeting Design. In addition to his work on meetings, he advises on intercultural management, ensuring the effectiveness of organisations and individuals in the international business environment. Mike is a native of the Netherlands; he also works from a second home base in Taiwan. Mike is the co-author of Into the Heart of Meetings, the first book on Meeting Design, published in January 2013. He has also published a variety of articles and book chapters on intercultural management. Late 202, Eric and Mike’s second book saw the light: Meetings by Default or by Design.

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