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If they haven’t heard it, you haven’t said it.  If they don’t believe it, you failed to pitch it.  If they don’t embrace it, they know you’re faking it!

Reinventing an association to survive and thrive in the post-Pandemic, hyper-competitive world is a tough challenge.  But no matter how much time and money are spent on Board retreats, change management consultants, glossy new strategic plans, digitisation business models and relaunched hybrid education programmes, all of this is wasted effort without world-class, Mission-centric communication.  Self-described “content supernova” and veteran communication strategist Jason Thomson will share trade secrets and personal insights on the lessons and super-skills associations need to absorb to successfully influence the thoughts and actions of internal teams and Boards, community members and prospective business partners, policymakers and the general public.


21 February 2022


10:00 am - 10:35 am




  • Jason Thomson
    Jason Thomson
    Professional thinker, copywriter and speaker

    For more than two decades and a thousand projects, speechwriter, storyteller and ideation lead Jason Thomson has been hired to passionately win over audiences and sell ideas through content, writing and storytelling. The world’s smartest organizations turn to Jason’s creative leadership and original mind as a way to create better presentations, pitches, events, blogs, PR, infographics, Podcasts, websites, and more – all to address sales, marketing, HR and operational challenges. Jason helps your leaders explore, develop and sell with engaging and clear presentations that inspire action. As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fueled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, including Intel, RBC Royal Bank, Nissan, Entertainment One and McCain Foods. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them prepared to think faster, better and brighter.

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