Dr. Muhammed Y. Idris

Principal Data Scientist/Fellow, TeraCrunch/Capria, Canada

Dr. Muhammed Y. Idris, Ph.D., is the Director of Data, Product, and Technology at Plus1, an innovative philanthropic organization founded by the Grammy-winning band Arcade Fire, and a Fellow at Capria, the leading global impact investment firm backed by Bill Gates.

Dr. Idris specializes in research and development of tools and analysis of socially-generating “big data” and digesting this complex technical information into actionable insights in a wide range of fields, from finance at BlackRock and humanitarian work with the UNHCR to consumer technology for Garmin.

His work has been presented at numerous academic, policy, and industry conferences, including a featured TED talk on the Future of (Social) Work and AI-powered social service delivery for refugees which has amassed almost 1.5 million views. In addition, Dr. Idris has held teaching and research positions at Concordia University (Montreal) and Harvard University, where he held a fellowship while completing his dissertation.


Monday, 9th December, 2019

15:45  -  16:35
LEARNING LABS – Session 2: Hijacking Tech for Impact

Session 2: Hijacking Tech for Impact
(Case Studies – Panel Discussion x 3 Speakers)

In this session, Associations will present case studies which address the following questions:

  • How various disruptive technologies can be used to increase the resilience of organizations and communities.
  • How blockchain can help problem-solving (case-studies of business model projects driven by blockchain).
  • How associations can and should be using data (big data, open data) to inform the process of resilience building, to learn to model the future and make the appropriate decisions.


Areas of impact: