Kai Troll

International Sport and Culture Association & AssociationWorld, Belgium

Kai is the President and interim CEO of the ASSOCIATIONWORLD foundation, based in Brussels. The foundation takes a holistic approach towards the development of international and European associations, providing affordable, accessible but premium education currently in Brussels, Geneva, Paris and Berlin.

He also serves as CEO of Best Buddies Europe, MiddleEast and Africa and as Head of Development, International Sport and Cultural Association (ISCA). Previously, Troll was a Director at Special Olympics Inc., leading strategic developments and global growth initiatives and a Senior Management Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, leading the non-for-profit, entertainment and destination consulting practice.

Troll provides strategic direction to several boards of international organizations in the areas of Governance, Strategy, Organizational Development, Public and Governmental Affairs and Resource Development. He is a member of two family offices in the US and Germany, advising them on impactful social investments. He is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and part of the UN SDG working group on disabilities.


Monday, 9th December, 2019

11:20  -  12:10
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Impact as a Business Model

Session 3: Impact as a Business Model
(Panel Discussion x 3 Panellists)

This session will be a discussion on the concept of “impact as a business model” for associations to unlock new opportunities of growth and value sharing. We will explore how associations can develop business models that are designed specifically to create positive societal impact beyond the basic operational delivery of services and products. When an organisation intentionally puts impact at the core of its business model, the focus is shifted from being activity-driven to being driven by the specific positive outcomes that are created for all their stakeholders. This elevates the organisation in the value chain and can unlock a plethora of new opportunities.

We will discuss this with panelists coming from the social enterprise world and associations who have successfully made this transition.


Areas of impact:

Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

12:10  -  13:00
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030

Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030
(Panel & Interactive Session)

This conversation is meant to bring together speakers from throughout the conference by involving them in a conversation on the following topics:

  • What would be required for associations to come together to build a common roadmap to an association-sector approach to pursuing the SDGs?
  • How can this sector maximise the value generated by collaboration towards the Sustainable Development Goals and position itself as a true driver for positive change?


Areas of impact: