Elissa Myers

Executive Director, Academy for Eating Disorders (AED), USA

Elissa Myers is an innovative and creative association executive, specializing in developing great leadership and clear strategic and tactical direction for associations. As President of Advice & Consensus she works with trade and professional associations to create consensus around a shared vision and a practical plan and to help leaders work together rewardingly.   She is a passionate advocate of voluntary associations, and believes in world peace through world commerce.  She has outstanding skills in strategic advocacy and in developing international partnerships, and in profitable enterprise development for associations. With 30 years’ experience as a professional association executive, serving as a key executive of the American Society of Association Executives and as President & CEO of the Electronic Retailing Association, she has specific experience in staff and volunteer development and leadership, strategic and tactical planning; membership development and retention; member benefits development and marketing; effective internal and external communications, advocacy & public & media relations.

She has spoken for ASAE dozens of times on subjects ranging from Compensation for Association Executives, to Association Group Insurance Programs; from Membership Development to Leadership Development.  She has spoken to literally hundreds of associations; has been a faculty member of the Institutes for Organization Management; spoken on associations for the US State Department and the US Department of Commerce, and many more organizations.

She is the author and or publisher of hundreds of articles and publications including:


She walks the talk on volunteering… she was a Team Leader, Social Responsibility: Innovation on the Edge, Member of the US Department of Commerce IFAC on E-Commerce, and representative of US on World Trade Mission, U.S. Representative on USIA live broadcast to European Women in Management, Partner with CCTV to establish first National Chinese Television Network, Partnered with the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Trade Commissions in Japan, China, Australia, the EU, England, and France  to ensure fair-market practices among e-retailers, Sponsor, Partnership for Peace, International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Member, Board of Regents, Institutes for Organization Management; Member, Board of Directors, Center for Association Leadership; Member, Committee of 100 of US Chamber of Commerce, Member, Board of Directors, Association of Convention Marketing Executives, President, VA Chapter of the Humane Voters League.


Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

10:55  -  11:40
PLENARY: The Art of Collaboration – Learnings from the Going Global Series

Breakthrough business models are rippling through society in both the profit and not for profit worlds, allowing new avenues for innovation, research and intervention. In the spring of 2019, the Dubai Association Centre convened over 40 associations in 3 cities (London, Washington and Montreal) to participate in an interactive learning workshop to discuss how new collaborations across sectors are generating new opportunities for shared value. Participants in the workshop series will report back on their learnings and will discuss how their unique positioning allows associations to play a catalyst role in creating strategic partnerships with other sectors, namely: the business sector; governments; and the innovation ecosystem.

Areas of impact: