David Oswald

Founder, DE Design + Environment Inc, Canada

David Oswald – Designer and Environmental Scientist
President, DE Design + Environment Inc. (www.design-environment.com)
Associate Faculty – Royal Roads University

David Oswald has 20+ years of experience working on environmental issues and he and his team work globally on pressing issues such as climate change. He founded DE in 2005 and has developed the company from its inception to today with the mission to “solve society’s problems using design and environmental science”.

DE’s expertise in environmental analysis and design is called upon by leading companies and International Organizations such as the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank. David and his team have done a large amount of work in the Caribbean and Latin America helping countries adapt to climate change.

David has taught at Concordia University, is currently an Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University. He was elected as a Fellow to the prestigious Royal Canadian Geographic Society in 2016 based on his contributions to environmental awareness and understanding internationally.


Monday, 9th December, 2019

15:45  -  16:35
LEARNING LABS – Session 2: Hijacking Tech for Impact

Session 2: Hijacking Tech for Impact
(Case Studies – Panel Discussion x 3 Speakers)

In this session, Associations will present case studies which address the following questions:

  • How various disruptive technologies can be used to increase the resilience of organizations and communities.
  • How blockchain can help problem-solving (case-studies of business model projects driven by blockchain).
  • How associations can and should be using data (big data, open data) to inform the process of resilience building, to learn to model the future and make the appropriate decisions.


Areas of impact: