Barbara Ewals

Director for Partnerships, International Society of Geriatric Oncology, Thailand/Switzerland

Barbara Ewals is the currently the Executive Director of Initiative for Global Resilience (i4gr) as well the Director for Partnerships at the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG). She facilitates the engagement and establishment of partnerships for both entities with leading public, private and international development organizations.

Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement has been the forefront of her career. She was one of the key experts that was tapped by UN-ESCAP & UN University to validate the guidelines they were developing to assist members states, public & private organizations as well as civil societies in managing their partnerships to implement the UN’s 2030 Agenda. This guidelines was then published and unveiled during UN-ESCAP’s Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2018 – which is also the regional high level forum for UN-ESCAP’s member states.


Monday, 9th December, 2019

15:45  -  16:35
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Leadership and Governance

Session 3: Leadership and Governance
(Panel Discussion x 3 Panellists)

Panelists will be discussing topics pertaining to the capacity of organisations to develop human resources policies enabling them to support innovation and transformation:

  • How can we build capacity within the association structure to become more agile?
  • How can emotional intelligence in leadership support employee health and happiness to create a thriving work environment?
  • How can building a stronger organisational culture help associations increase their mission delivery and drive impact?


Areas of impact:

Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

12:10  -  13:00
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030

Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030
(Panel & Interactive Session)

This conversation is meant to bring together speakers from throughout the conference by involving them in a conversation on the following topics:

  • What would be required for associations to come together to build a common roadmap to an association-sector approach to pursuing the SDGs?
  • How can this sector maximise the value generated by collaboration towards the Sustainable Development Goals and position itself as a true driver for positive change?


Areas of impact: