Alexander Inchbald

Founding Partner, Creative Leadership Partners, Switzerland

Alexander Inchbald specializes in turning creativity into impact. He helps individuals, teams and organizations to articulate a greater purpose and bring it to life. He has worked on all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Over the last few years, Alexander has helped dozens of Associations transform themselves on purpose. For example, he helped EASL become the Home of Hepatology by pivoting geographically from European to global and in the process hit record members and delegates and put €7 million more in the bank; in addition, he helped The European Society for Dermatological Research launch The Skin Science Foundation and secure up to €10 million in funding to help pivot an entire industry to shift from a focus on skin disease to a focus on prevention of skin disease.


Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

12:10  -  13:00
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030

Session 3: Roadmap to Agenda 2030
(Panel & Interactive Session)

This conversation is meant to bring together speakers from throughout the conference by involving them in a conversation on the following topics:

  • What would be required for associations to come together to build a common roadmap to an association-sector approach to pursuing the SDGs?
  • How can this sector maximise the value generated by collaboration towards the Sustainable Development Goals and position itself as a true driver for positive change?


Areas of impact: