H.E. Hamad Buamim

President & CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UAE

Holding his current position since 2006, Hamad Buamim is the President & CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He is also the Chairman of the Paris-based World Chambers Federation – International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Buamim serves as a Board Member of Dubai World, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and acts as Chairman of National General Insurance PJSC.

Previously, Buamim served as Chairman of Emirates Financial Services, Emirates NBD Capital and Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance as well as a Board Member of the UAE Central Bank, Emirates NBD and Network International.

Educated in the USA, Buamim holds MBA with honor in Finance from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He also obtained a Bachelor of Science with Magna Cum Laude in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


Monday, 9th December, 2019

09:00  -  09:25
Opening Session

A Conversation with the Dubai Association Centre Founders

In this lively discussion, we will hear directly from the two DAC founders on their perception of the bigger role that associations play in global society and how to position the association sector as a key driver of positive change. They will set the scene for a day and a half of intense exploration of core association strategies around societal impact, as well as how to position the association sector as a key driver of positive change. Key areas to be addressed also cover the following:

  • Where is Dubai Association Centre today?
  • What are the legacies of the Dubai Association Conference 2017?
  • How the association scene in Dubai has evolved since then?
09:35  -  09:50
Keynote Address: Sharing is Caring – Associations working to impact the world

There is hardly a stronger segment of our society today who impact their surroundings more than associations – from setting industry standards, to creating new employment opportunities, to offering expertise that creates better policy. As an experienced association CEO and the Chair of the American Society of Association Executives, Patricia’s keynote will highlight some of the most memorable association impact stories over the past decade. These stories show examples of projects and activities that associations have created to impact people around the world. Patricia promises to be both thought-provoking and inspiring, setting the stage for learning, contemplation, and conversation.

11:20  -  12:10
LEARNING LABS – Session 3: Impact as a Business Model

Session 3: Impact as a Business Model
(Panel Discussion x 3 Panellists)

This session will be a discussion on the concept of “impact as a business model” for associations to unlock new opportunities of growth and value sharing. We will explore how associations can develop business models that are designed specifically to create positive societal impact beyond the basic operational delivery of services and products. When an organisation intentionally puts impact at the core of its business model, the focus is shifted from being activity-driven to being driven by the specific positive outcomes that are created for all their stakeholders. This elevates the organisation in the value chain and can unlock a plethora of new opportunities.

We will discuss this with panelists coming from the social enterprise world and associations who have successfully made this transition.


Areas of impact:

15:45  -  16:35
LEARNING LABS – Session 1: Developing Agility

Pillar 3:

Session 1: Developing Agility
(Expert Briefing – 2 x 15-min TED-style presentations followed by Q&A)

Our speakers will provide a deeper dive into foresighting and agility. They will carry on a dynamic conversation focusing on how associations and their communities are adapting to new economies as part of their resilience strategy, such as the Sharing / Circular / Experience / Innovation / Platform / Knowledge economies. They will also demonstrate that “Learning organisations” are organisations who:

  • Develop adaptability
  • Implement local strategies that are scalable globally,
  • Initiate sector-wide responses to external disruptions, and
  • Implement swiftly and precisely while regularly gather and incorporate feedback from inside and outside.


Areas of impact:

Tuesday, 10th December, 2019

09:50  -  10:05
Keynote address : What Happens When the Party is Over?- Impact of Mega-events on Society and Destinations

Despite having a significant impact on Dubai and the UAE’s economy, Expo 2020 Dubai is envisioning a long-term future impact to act as the catalyst throughout Dubai’s multi-decade development journey. As Vice President of Programming at Expo 2020 Dubai, Shaun will shed light on how a mega-event should be about a ‘milestone’ mindset, instead of an ‘end goal’ mindset and as backbone of mega- events worldwide, how can associations learn from and even collaborate with Expo 2020 Dubai to deliver events with a long- lasting impact?