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Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council
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Monday, 11th December, 2017

8:00 AM

Registration & Networking

9:00 AM

Our Vision – An Interactive Dialogue with the Founders

Since the creation of Dubai Association Centre (DAC) back in 2013, the vision was to add life to the bustling economy and community of the UAE and the wider region. In this lively discussion, you will hear directly from the DAC founders, their vision for associations now and for many years to come.

Director General, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing & Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE
President & CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UAE
CEO, Biz Group. UAE
9:30 AM

The Impact of Associations

Associations have the potential to make great contributions to their country’s economy, competitiveness, and quality of life. Review how associations around the world are making important contributions to their respective societies. Learn about practices that distinguish the leading associations and provide benchmarks for other associations. Review research on successful practices in areas vital to association sustainability and success.


President, ASAE Foundation, USA
10:00 AM

The Future: Associations & Government Unite

Many of the discussions revolving around the future focus on government reforms and business disruptions. What do associations bring to the table? And how are they planning for a time where technology will be the native language? If collaboration is the way forward, can associations and governments work together towards this uncharted territory?

COO, Futurist-in-Chief, Dubai Future Foundation, UAE
CEO, World Free Zones Organization, UAE
Global Vice President, MCI Group, UAE
10:30 AM

Digital Disruptive Forces in the Business Events Industry – What Now?

The intersection of technology, mergers and acquisitions, multiple generations, social media, a global workplace and the empowered consumer are having a profound impact on the business events industry. How are you harnessing digital disruption within your association and building a digital-first business model? How can you utilize data to enhance partnerships and alliances? In this session you will engage in meaningful dialogue on maximizing digital capabilities within your organization.

Learner Outcomes

  • Determine how digital disruption is impacting your organization
  • Identify how a data-driven mindset can enhance your organization’s objectives
  • Assess changes you must make in your business models to be more adaptable in the future
Thought-leader, Digital Operating Models and Digital Transformation, Auatralia
11:05 AM

Water Cooler Networking Break

In our day and age, innovation is beyond sitting at a desk, it is that moment of revelation through experiences and research. Sometimes, great ideas and initiatives are formed as easily as making small-talk standing next to a water cooler. Use the networking break to meet like-minded peers and let the conversation flow!

11:35 AM

Why Super kids Matter and How they are Inspiring Institutions

In an interactive session, two government entities with unique goals will join us and talk about super kids and how they matter to them and why embedding the upcoming generation in their long-term strategy is the only way forward. Joined by two unique children who are aiming for the stars this session includes a live discussion where the next generation is the center of discussion.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE
Young Emirati Scientist, UAE
CEO, Biz Group. UAE
12:30 PM

Creating Engagement Through Purpose, Passion and a Picture of the Future

In today’s experience-driven world, engaging and motivating your membership is essential. Join us as we look at the power of simplicity and distill your organization’s purpose into a single concept that can be easily remembered and applied. Together we’ll explore how changing values are driving new member behaviours. Then we’ll look at passion and leverage our discoveries to help create your organization’s voice. Finally, we’ll develop a picture of the future that will draw members into galvanizing action.


After this session delegates will be able to:

–  Articulate the importance of connecting experiences to your organization’s values and purpose

– Apply a design thinking model creatively solve for your organization’s complex problems

– Summarize your findings in a clean and simple organizational strategic framework

Vice President of Experience Design, Maritz Global Events, USA
1:25 PM

Networking Lunch

2:40 PM

A Lasting Legacy: How Major Events can Drive Positive Change

Association-led events can be a significant catalyst for change, elevating the host’s global stature and turbocharging its economic, knowledge, and social development. This session will take a close look at the challenges of pursuing and hosting an association’s event, and offers practical and proven insights to help cities and countries capture and host a successful event that delivers a legacy of positive and lasting change.

President & CEO, Talley Management Group, USA
Senior Vice President, Legacy Impact and Development, Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE
CEO, International Congress and Convention Association, Netherlands
Global Vice President, MCI Group, UAE
3:25 PM

8 Practical Tips for Association Future Success

Associations need smart structures and rules to operate effectively – followed by excellent services and events to win the hearts and minds of members. This interactive session with 8 practical ideas will consider:

  • The role of boards, staff and members in governance
  • Why you need straightforward plans and good employees
  • Making surpluses and keeping enough money
  • How to gain, keep and impress members
  • Wonderful member services, networking and events

This session will be informative and engaging allowing for interaction between delegates and panel.

Secretary General, Arab Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, UAE
Immediate Past World Chairman, International Advertising Association, UAE
General Manager, Associations Forum Ltd, Australia
4:25 PM

Future Zone Quick Fire Round

Delegates will receive a quick briefing on the feedback obtained from the Future Zone (Water Cooler Networking Area).

4:40 PM

Challenges and opportunities for associations to grow internationally

In today’s globalizing world, a significant part of the revenue of many international and regional associations comes from their overseas membership and customer base. Better serving their overseas members, providing value and building engagement abroad are becoming strategic priorities. Associations with global ambitions however, are often challenged in the way they operate when they transition into new markets.


Find out how leading associations have successfully customized their business model and established win-win partnerships to facilitate the implementation of their global expansion strategy and plans.


This session is powered by the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP).

CEO, Middle East Council of Shopping Centres, UAE
Secretary General Elect, International Association of Public Transport, Belgium
President, International Congress and Convention Association, Netherlands
International Advisor, Global Association Hubs Partnership, Belgium
7:00 PM

Networking Reception and Gala Dinner – Layali Madinat Jumeirah

Enjoy a breathtaking evening at Layali – Madinat Jumeirah under Dubai’s skyline, overlooking the famous Burj Al Arab with a tantalizingly diverse cuisine, which promises to surprise your taste buds accompanied with live entertainment.

Tuesday, 12th December, 2017

09:00 AM

Today in Brief

We will get the morning going with a summary of memorable points from the first day’s sessions – and an overview of the second day.

9:10 AM

Community Area Quick Fire Round

Delegates will receive a quick briefing on the feedback obtained from the Community Area (Water Cooler Networking Area).

9:25 AM

Building Your Career Path

Ideally, everyone would know their true calling early in life and find happiness in their work, but it often doesn’t work that way. Do you see your career as a set of stepping stones, not a linear path? You keep reading about all these new opportunities, but don’t understand them, and you are afraid of being left behind. Learn from the experts on how planning your career and achieving progressive learning through certification can be a game changer in your professional development.

President & CEO, The Learning Studio, USA
CEO, The Management Association, USA
CEO, Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening, USA
President & CEO, Talley Management Group, USA
10:15 AM

Development Platform Quick Fire Round

Delegates will receive a quick briefing on the feedback obtained from the Development Platform (Water Cooler Networking Area).

10:30 AM

Water Cooler Networking

In our day and age, innovation is beyond sitting at a desk, it is that moment of revelation through experiences and research. Sometimes, great ideas and initiatives are formed as easily as making small-talk standing next to a water cooler. Use the networking break to meet like-minded peers and let the conversation flow!

11:00 AM

Tips for Successful Volunteer Engagement

Active volunteer leaders and committee members underpin the success of long-established, western associations. However, in the world of online engagement, there are no geographic boundaries, and instant access to knowledge is prevalent, how do associations still manage to engage and successfully work with active volunteer leaders?

This session will identify common factors for successful volunteer engagement and highlight tactics to overcome barriers. Learn how local associations or local components of global associations have been successful and what initiatives have worked in promoting volunteerism across the generations.

CEO, Construction Specifications Institute, USA
Global Vice President, MCI Group, UAE
11:50 PM

Closing Session: Resources for Associations Going Global

Moving forward, how do associations follow up and obtain the resources that they need?  How can associations share their successes and discuss their challenges with other association executives?  What resources are available locally and globally that will assist associations to take advantage of past experience and leapfrog to success?  Drawn from leading organizations around the world, this session will focus on resources and opportunities available to associations as they move forward.

Board Member, American Society of Association Executives, USA
President, European Society of Association Executives, Belgium
President, African Society of Association Executives, South Africa
Pro Team Head of Secretariat, sia Pacific Federation of Association Organisations, Philippines
CEO, Biz Group. UAE
12:50 PM

Round Up and Take Aways

Summing up Dubai Association Conference 2017

1:05 PM

Networking Lunch